The Digital Infrastructure of the Pusat Panji and Implications for Similar Institutions: Documentation and Report

Joshua Ramon Enslin
Malang: Pusat Panji
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Much has changed after almost a year after writing this paper. The organizational structure of the Pencinta Panji is likely to change soon. The software was based on, presented here, will soon only exist in an archive. A new system aiming to answer the given challenges is about to be introduced instead. Nevertheless, this paper asks a number of important questions. Certainly, the answers given in this paper are far from perfect, and yet the questions remain:
  1. Which software (or which components of a software) are needed by a group like this?
  2. How can software programmed with the immediate aim of serving these needs be created with as little expertise and work as possible?
  3. How can a digital infrastructure be conceptualized to help a group that is largely unrelated to ICT and does neither have a focus on nor the resources to learn more?
  4. How can this software be created to be as cost-effective as possible, without requiring the use of even basic data storage options such as conventional database systems?
The late publication of this paper aims to document these basic problems and an early phase in the process of finding a long-term solution. It is thus to be seen as a contribution to an ongoing debate rather than an answer to it.

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